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Harmony – One Day Retreat in Zurich

  • Yoga Tribe Studio K3 17 Rüdigerstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8045 Switzerland (map)

We’re taking you this Full Moon Weekend on a journey inwards during our One Day Harmony Retreat to feel inside your body, mind, emotions and heart. We will offer the opportunity to explore where you’ve become disconnected and out of harmony in your life. Harmony can only be restored by being willed to sit with ourself and check-in with what has happened and where we are currently at. The next step is to connect to the heart and intuition, so that we FEEL what is the best next step to align to our higher self, our soul.

We will explore breaking free from the conditioned mind and balancing the physical, mental, and emotional body. We will not strive to get it all perfect, but instead introduce tools and techniques that bring more harmony to your system and life, reducing what takes you away from yourself, from nature.

General Info:
- Date: Sunday, September 15th 2019
- Time: 8am-4.30pm (door-opening 7.45 am and Community Tea Integration until 5pm)
- Venue: Yoga Tribe Studio K3 near Sihlcity

What this day includes:
- 2 Yin Yoga Journeys 
- Cacao Ceremony
- Pranayama and Meditation
- Opening and Closing Sharing Circle
- Ayurveda Workshop
- Journaling and Reflexion
- Healthy Ayurvedic Lunch
- Morning Juice
- Tea, Water and Snacks through the day
- Community Support
- Resources after the day retreat to incoperate the wisdom and tools in your every day life

For who is this (not): These journeys  and ceremonies are created for anyone who needs a safe space to reconnect to themselves, process emotions and experiences, wants to become part of a growing heart-centred community, explore themselves and break-free from old conditioning. You do not need any experience for this, just willingness to choose again and again being present with yourself and all that arises. Open for men and women.

Yin Yoga is not suitable if your are pregnant. Ceremonial Cacao (can be taken in pregnancy but please check in first) is not recommended if you are taking anti depressants, have epilepsy or any heart condition. If you are unsure please check-in with me and let me know how you are feeling at the moment physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. There is a possibility to come to the Ceremonies even if you can’t drink the Cacao. You can connect energetically to the Plant Medicine AND I can prepare for you a special tea that you can drink during the Ceremony. Please add this to your booking. <3

Booking and Investment:
Early bird until September 8th: CHF 175.- / CHF 145.- students
Full Price from September 9th: CHF 225.- / CHF 195.- students

Space is limited to 14 participants.
Please book your spot by sending an email to
This one day retreat is open for men and women.

If you’re struggling financially but really feel called to join us, send us an email,
tell us about you, your situation and  the energy exchange you could offer us as we’re looking for a Karma Yogi.

About the teachers and space holders: Simon Lee is an international yoga teacher, originally from New Zealand. He holds specific interest in Yin Yoga, Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga and Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom. With the foundation of his knowledge grounded in Samkhya Philosophy, he draws inspiration from nature, finding balance / harmony with the self, and all that surrounds. As part of the ‘Yin Culture‘ team, he assists in offering Yin Yoga teacher trainings, workshops, events and most recently has been sharing on the summer festival circuit in New Zealand. Simon is currently teaching in Indonesia and excited to arrive to Europe and share the Yin Yoga Medicine with the people. Kia Ora! Instagram:@simonleeyoga / @yinculture

How can we see our day to day life, actions, interactions and thoughts as sacred again and become totally immersed and present while exploring them? Why are we doing what we’re doing?

Aleks Nikolic’s mission is to create safe and sacred spaces for people to reconnect back to their hearts, meet their darkness and remember the light by sharing the tools of Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Ecstatic Dance and Ceremonial Cacao with them. For the last year she has been assisting Nik Robson during the Yin Culture Teacher Trainings and holding space the last 4 years in different ceremonies and workshops all based on the intention to create space for people to be all they are, feel all they feel and realign with the highest Truth. As much as it is serious and intense, it is also light and playful. At Yoga Tribe Aleks is offering seasonally Cacao Ceremonies and Yin Yoga or Ecstatic Dance Journeys for EVERYBODY and takes you every January on a Goa Heart Adventure in South India – a retreat focused on connecting back to the heart and living your life from there while channeling different Tantric Hatha Goddesses, dancing, diving deep in Yin Yoga Journeys and letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore, remembering that life happens right now.

She was born in Zurich, has Serbian roots but has been traveling constantly for the past 4 years, feeling mostly drawn to Bali, India and back to Zurich sharing her experiences. Magic is real. Love is the answer. Remember your intention. If not now..when?! Instagram: @aleks_chhinnamasta_ / @naked_chocolate_ /@yinculture