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Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance Journey

  • Yoga Tribe Studioo K3 17 Rüdigerstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8045 Switzerland (map)

Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance Journey 

I give mySelf the permission to shift, change, let go and create what sparks me up and resonates with my personal actual inner journey. My plan was to stay in India for a year but the calling is to come back to Switzerland in August and create SAFE SPACES for people that need it. This new ceremonies won’t be comparable to my last offerings – as usual and thanks god!:)

For 2 Thursday evenings in August (15th & 22nd) and 6 weeks in September and October I invite you to spend your Friday evenings with me and a crew of amazing human soul beings. We’ll be sharing ceremonial Cacao after doing some breath work to open up and ground into the space and then I’m taking you either on a YIN or ECSTATIC DANCE JOURNEY! You will be able to pre-order ceremonial, raw, organic, fair-trade and handmade blends by Naked Chocolate (sign up here to receive all info: and there might be the one or other inspiring guest teacher / musician that I’ll invite.

These gatherings are happening at Yoga Tribe K3 or K6 8.30-10.30pm (unless different stated) and as soon as you register ( you will receive all info and e-banking details for your investment. Early-birds and people that wanna journey regularly, are getting a special offering. All gender, ages and bodies welcome. ♥

-Friday, 11th, Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance Journey K3
-Friday, 18th, Cacao Ceremony and Yin Yoga Journey K3

For who is this (not)?
These journeys and ceremonies are created for anyone who needs a safe space to reconnect to themselves, process emotions and experiences, wants to become part of a growing heart-centred community, explore themselves and break-free from old conditioning. You do not need any experience for this. Open for men and women. Read more about my intention and story below.

Yin Yoga is not suitable if your are pregnant. Ceremonial Cacao (can be taken in pregnancy but please check in first) is not recommended if you are taking anti depressants, have epilepsy or any heart condition. If you are unsure please check-in with me and let me know how you are feeling at the moment physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically.

Investment and Booking:
Please book your spot in advance via email to

Early Bird: 54.– CHF (*October events until Sept 21st)
After: CHF 64.– (***CHF 10.- off for students or anyone who can not pay full amount***)

-Book two ceremonies and pay for both together CHF 100.- (early-bird until date stated above) or CHF 120.– after (***students CHF 80.– or CHF 100.– after***)

-Book all 7 ceremonies for CHF 315.– in advance (CHF 45.– per ceremony) until August 11th
(***students CHF 245.– / CHF 35.– per ceremony***)

Important info:
–For each Ceremony I need two Karma Yogis that can come in exchange for setting up and clearing the space before and after the ceremony. Send me an email to with your why. Only for people that can not afford a ceremony financially at the moment.

-The full amount has to be paid within three days and early bird offer until max. date stated above, not refundable but transfer possible for single classes

-If you are struggling financially please apply for Karma Yoga position or let me know and pay the students amount.

The Intention for these evenings
The intention for those evenings is that you have a safe space to process whatever you are going through at the moment – know that your darkness is invited and I won’t brush it away with cliché spiritual bullshit nor talk through the whole journey as if I’m holding a monologue. Why? Because I miss those spaces – especially when life is hard. And in the same time it won’t be a space to feed the pain and darkness but also come back into your body, create space, clear the mind and process the emotions and access your intuition. In the end of the day YOU choose for what you’ll use the space.

The 2nd intention is COMMUNITY.
After each journey you can choose to stay for tea, treats and connecting with the humans that just shared that sacred space with you. Make friends. Gather around fires and organize potlucks. Connect heart to heart. Hold space. Listen. Share. Build a community. A crew of people that shares similar value.

What is Yin Yoga?
Yin Journeys aren’t just yoga classes but a journey inwards. They’re a ceremony. A celebration of depth. An invitation to slow down and tune in. a way to find the magic within you. and feel your heart again.

my yin yoga journey is and has been all about:
1. taking time in a safe space to feel into my heart space
2. recognise the armors that I’ve to build due to painful experiences
3. allow me to feel the pain and my armors to melt
4. feel my heart again and live life from that space of love, intuition, and trust

In Yin Yoga, we put our bodies in shapes and hold that shapes for at least 5 minutes. We take our time to go very slowly, breathe, feel and heal. It’s a very safe and simple practice for everybody
and due to the stillness, we’re able to finally feel ourSelves again.

Read more about Yin Yoga here:

What is Ceremonial Cacao?
Bringing back rituals to your every day life with ceremonial, fair-trade Cacao blends & nourishing Ceremonies – doing less, with a clearer intention. Medicine of the Heart. Cacao is a plant-medicine that helps us open our hearts, connect to nature and in the same time it floods our physical bodies with a lot of magnesium, antioxidants and many feel-good-and-love chemicals. It is very nourishing, helps you go deeper in your meditation and in the same time when combined with movement it gets you back into your body and the present moment.

What is Ecstatic Dance?
In Ecstatic Dance I am taking you on a dance journey that will help you explore movement in a very free and non-judgmental way. We start moving slowly and then you are allowed to finally move however it FEELS good without thinking of how it looks. It gets you in your body, helps you see where you are holding yourself back and it is a super safe space to explore what would happen if for once you’d allowed yourself to just be. Ecstatic Dance makes me always feel alive, vibrant and grateful for my body…

Only rules: No talking, no phones, barefoot, respect and no alcohol or drugs.

How and why I got inspired to create these gatherings during my last and 4th India trip:
Sometimes life gets very intense, shakes us up and everything seems up-rooted, insecure, unsafe – it feels like the ground under your feet is shaking. You might feel lost, unclear, disconnected, ungrounded and overwhelmed by the next steps in life. Maybe it isn’t that intense and still you wish connect deeper to yourSelf and take quality time to feel into your heart in a safe and held space. This journey inwards is inspired by the real life – the last months have been for me very shaking and it seemed like what was ones nourishing and inspiring for me, started making me feel drained, exhausted and tired. That lack of joy and spark for life made me ask some uncomfortable questions as the pain in my heart space grew bigger. When it got unbearable and felt like breaking, I started sitting with the questions and realized that it is time for a new chapter in my life. Those new chapters are journeys into the Unknown and a call from our hearts and souls to come back to our centre, use our energy wisely and flow again with life. We never really know 100% where life is heading – no matter how much we plan and think what we should be doing – we don’t know. Good news is that something inside you will cry for the change, bad news is that it might be very painful. I’m inviting you to this journey if you feel like you need right now some extra support and safe held space to sit with those uncomfortable questions and answers.

My name is Aleks Nikolic and I’ve been traveling for the past 4 years. In June just before my 27th Birthday (hello Saturn Return!) I’ve heard the painful call that it is time to ground and root again. I love sharing what I’ve been learning and unlearning for the past 4 years by wandering through the world. This has been the most intense time of my life so far and I know how it feels when life gets all upside down and all we can do is to let go of the plans and ideas we had created and trust that this new chapter into the unknown is going to lead us towards living our higher purpose on this planet, so that we can re-aligning with our hearts path and soul purpose (which I feel is feeling alive, joyful, grateful and having sparkly eyes, excited for life!). Which can be so beautiful, joyful but also gosh terryfing and shaking up!


Earlier Event: October 9
Later Event: October 12