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Balancing the Imbalances: Solving Postural Problems

  • Yoga Tribe Studio K3 17 Rüdigerstrasse Zürich 8045 (map)

Balancing the Imbalances: Solving Postural Problems

A combined yoga and somatic movement workshop open to anyone with postural issues, muscular tension and especially for teachers of yoga.  

Pain and tension in the body is an expression of what is not moving in other areas. When we overuse one area and underuse the other we develop compensatory patterns, which develops poor posture. Our movement potential becomes limited and creates imbalances. 

During this workshop we will focus on some of most the common sources of muscular tension that create postural imbalances:

The lower back: Learn movements that release and lengthen the lower back and create balance between the abdominal muscles, improving core function. 

The shoulders: Discover how to relax overused muscles and restore balance between the front and back of the shoulder girdle.

The neck: Experience how to rebalance the neck muscles and re-align the skull to improve overall posture and movement

This workshop will introduce Somatic movement, a method that retrains the brain and the nervous system to let go of these patterns through small and gentle movements.

The Workshop will cover

  • Mobility sequences to help you identify the areas in your body that are not moving, creating postural imbalances contributing to tension

  • Movement sequences that target releasing tension in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. 

  • Integrative movements to restore functional movement in your yoga practice and improve posture.

Benefits to you

  • Provide real solutions to release common areas of tension in your body

  • Integrate movements that restore function and imbalances 

  • Learn skills to uncover your movement potential and boost your yoga practice 

  • Embody a practice that will support your daily movements.

Workshop Info
Date: July 21st
Time: 10 – 5 pm
Price: £166 / CHF 210.– (Booking both workshops: £265 / CHF 300.–)
Venue: Yoga Tribe, Rüdigerstrasse 17, 8045 Zürich (close to Sihlcity)

About Tanya Fitzpatrick

Tanya Fitzpatrick is an international somatic educator, neuromuscular therapist and yoga teacher specializing in the training of somatic movement, somatic yoga and embodied anatomy. 

Her core value is to honor the fact that every body is unique and to educate each-body to reach their movement potential. Over 19 years of movement education and clinical practice, Tanya has taught thousands of clients and students how to recognise and delete habits responsible for their postural and movement imbalances. 


This training will offer you some fantastic skills in helping your clients to begin a true dialogue with their bodies. You will also begin or enhance your own inner dialogue – this work is life-changing stuff. Tanya Fitzpatrick is a highly skilled Somatic Educator who also really knows how to convey and share her knowledge with others – and is highly motivated to do so. I cannot recommend this training highly enough. 

Georgie Ferraro, Pilates Teacher 

This was the most amazing course I have attended for a long time. It rekindled my interest in human anatomy and particularly alignment. Alignment is so vital for a healthy and pain-free life. In addition, as a yoga teacher incorporating it into my classes brings a whole new dimension to Yoga Sutra 2.46 ‘The physical postures should be steady and comfortable’

Sabine Smith, Yoga Teacher

Later Event: July 21
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