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Evolving Your Asana Practice with Somatic Movement

  • Yoga Tribe Studio K6 195 Nordstrasse Zürich 8037 (map)

Evolving Your Asana Practice with Somatic Movement
A workshop for Every-Body

Leaning to move somatically, helps you develop a yoga practice that is more in tune with your individual anatomy and way of moving. When we slow down we become more aware of how our body is currently moving. It is in this space that we can begin to sense the compensatory habits we have adopted through our lifetime of movement? By reawakening our brain to body connection, we begin to uncover our movement potential.

Somatic movement retrains the brain and the nervous system to let go of these patterns through small and gentle movements. This style of movement is completely accessible to all ages and ability levels and the benefits of the practice can be experienced after just one session.

This workshop you will learn the fundamentals of Somatic movement and how it can be applied to your yoga practice to further help you get more out from your asana practice.

What can you expect?

  • Movement sequences to highlight holding patterns in our movement and how that affects how we practice asana

  • Somatic movements to release muscular tension and undo imbalances 

  • Breathing technique to reduce the effects of ongoing stress 

  • Practical ideas of how we can integrate somatic work into our yoga practice to improve our practice

The benefits of somatic yoga are countless – from improving posture, decreasing pain, improving mobility, improved breathing, relieving headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain and much more

Date: July 20th 
Time: 2 – 6pm
Price: £110 / CHF 140.– (Booking both workshops: £265 / CHF 300.–)
Venue: Yoga Tribe, Nordstrasse 195, 8037 Zürich

About Tanya Fitzpatrick

Tanya Fitzpatrick is an international somatic educator, neuromuscular therapist and yoga teacher specializing in the training of somatic movement, somatic yoga and embodied anatomy. 

Her core value is to honor the fact that every body is unique and to educate each-body to reach their movement potential. Over 19 years of movement education and clinical practice, Tanya has taught thousands of clients and students how to recognise and delete habits responsible for their postural and movement imbalances. 


This training will offer you some fantastic skills in helping your clients to begin a true dialogue with their bodies. You will also begin or enhance your own inner dialogue – this work is life-changing stuff. Tanya Fitzpatrick is a highly skilled Somatic Educator who also really knows how to convey and share her knowledge with others – and is highly motivated to do so. I cannot recommend this training highly enough. 

Georgie Ferraro, Pilates Teacher 

This was the most amazing course I have attended for a long time. It rekindled my interest in human anatomy and particularly alignment. Alignment is so vital for a healthy and pain-free life. In addition, as a yoga teacher incorporating it into my classes brings a whole new dimension to Yoga Sutra 2.46 ‘The physical postures should be steady and comfortable’

Sabine Smith, Yoga Teacher