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  • Yoga Tribe Studio K6 195 Nordstrasse Zürich 8037 (map)

Building Sequences, Deconstructing Asanas and Enhancing Skills
25. October - 27. October 2019 | Friday & Saturday: 8.30 - 18.00 | Sunday: 8.30 - 16.45

If you’re currently paying for your flat and avocados via an income from yoga teaching, you are probably teaching yoga in a context far very different to the one your teacher’s teacher taught in!
Thats not good, not bad, but the reality.
As teachers of asana in 2019, we are navigating through a yoga world where are required to be commercial savvy, skilled marketeers who are up-to date with the latest studies on the human body and teaching increasingly broad demographic with different expectations of their yoga practice. This can be overwhelming and through it, its often a easy to loose connection with why we practice and teach yoga in the first place. 
Over 3 days, first and foremost, you’ll have the chance to kick off your day by moving and breathing within the four corners of your mat, reconnecting with your asana and meditation practice. Through these intelligently sequenced, explorative sessions we’ll take time exploring alignment, anatomy and teaching points that you might not have previously considered.

When the movement stops, we’ll begin to look at:

  • sequencing strategies

  • asana alignment principles

  • deconstructing asana

  • assists and

  • working with injuries

We’ll also be having more open chats on life as a working yoga teacher including:

  • teaching method

  • marketing

  • building your style

  • classroom management

  • building your business and more.

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