Sunday Bliss

The Sunday Bliss Session is a “beyond asana class” – the key is to combine theory plus practice. Not just guiding through, encourage students to deeply dive into practicing Yoga and understanding the theory behind and feel the magic of Yoga.

Sunday Bliss:

  • 2hour class on each Sunday at K3 from 6-8pm (if you need more time or want to start earlier / later feel free to adjust)

  • Leading topic – the magic beyond asanas

  • Execution: up to you, feel free to try something new. Basis should be a combination of workshop-style and class.

  • Go in depth of a topic of your choice & spread your knowledge and practice, share your passion and your personal speciality of yoga

  • Examples: exploration of Pranayama, a Kirtan session – if you have a harmonium or can play another instrument bring it with you, a Chakra journey, introduction to Mudras or use new stuff like a Yoga roll etc.

  • Add-on for in-the-class: Provide something special for the students e.g. a healthy homemade snack/drink, a little “present” – a flower, a joss stick, use a nice oil, provide a little massage etc.

  • Add-on to take-home: Flow/Asana Charts, Sanskrit-Mantra, Poem-Script, Yoga Playlist, Book recommendations etc.

  • Suggested price for students 40 - 60CHF, Yoga Tribe gets 60CHF per Sunday Bliss as rent

  • Click on the Link to find out what we tell students about Sunday Bliss