Sunday Bliss

Go beyond Asanas & deeply dive into the SUNDAY BLISS – this a unique Yoga Session full of magic, secrets & passion. SUNDAY BLISS is your perfect timeout from the rush of the week -  say goodbye to Sunday Neurosis and Monday Blues and welcome the magic spirit of something new.


Dive into Yoga practice & theory and go beyond a regular style yoga class. Our Yoga session is for all of you who want to make Sunday a Funday of exploring. Discover with us the hidden secrets of Yoga & definitely deepen your skills


You can expect a 2-hour Yoga session with a special twist – close your eyes and enjoy the energetic vibes of chanting or get in touch with Mudras, Chakras and Pranayama and its health benefits or find yourself practicing an advanced pose, refining your technique with full teacher support. Everything is possible on a Sunday Bliss session. Our passionate Yoga Tribe teachers are ready to share their thoughts, secrets and specialities of Yoga with you.


The Sunday Bliss Session is a magic place to release the limitations of the last days and set intentions for the upcoming week, refill your energy level and leave with a strong-mind. Let the magic of something new bring out your inner glow and let you shine through the week.


Sunday Bliss Theme: check our K3 Sunday schedule for the exact topic
Date & time: Sundays, normally from 6-8pm but time may vary so please check the event link for each session
Location: K3, Rüdigerstrasse 17, Zürich
Price: check the event link for each session

Yoga Levels: Yoga experience is an advantage and recommended for this class. As we are going to deepen the practice you should be used to the Sun Salutation flow and know how to breathe through your asanas. Though in some cases it might depend on the teacher guiding the class. If you are a beginner and not sure just let us know by e-mail and we can tell you what the Sunday Bliss Session is about and if it is still appropriate for your level.