Yoga am Sonntag - Guest Teacher Information


  • One week before your event, you can create an event on the WE ARE YOGA page (if you're not an admin by then, ask the person who asked you to teach to make you one).

  • Please use one of the pictures below. For the description of the event, you might want to write something about your class, yourself and any other information you consider important (see other events for reference). In addition, please add:

    • location: Herman's Wohnzimmer, Herman-Greulich-Strasse 56, 8004 Zürich

    • Add Herman’s Wohnzimmer as co-host so the event is visible on their FB profile and they can promote you

    • time: 10.30 - 11.45am

    • bring your own mat

    • price: 25CHF/class

    • optional: Brunch 28CHF


  • The class is taking place in the "Saletta", the room at the end of the ail when you turn left and then right after you enter the main door. If you don't find it, ask at the reception.

  • Class is from 10.30 to 11.45am.

  • The room is normally cleaned and cleared before class. If something is not as you expect it, ask for help at the reception.

  • A sound system is in the storage room (on the left side when you stand at the large window fron).

  • The light for the yoga room can be regulated in the storage room.

  • There's a candle but no other "yoga things", so if you want some incense, a singing bowl etc. bring it along.

  • The heating in the room cannot be regulated, so it can get hot in there. But there's a door on the opposite of the storage room that leads into the backyard. You can open it to get in some fresh air.

  • Please adjust your teaching so that it suits an all level class.

  • The classes are 25CHF/person

  • Hotel staff can join the classes for 15CHF


  • The classes are 25CHF/person and 15CHF for staff

  • 5CHF/person go to the hotel (but not for staff) : please give the money to the receptionist at the entrance

  • 20CHF goes to WE ARE YOGA. Please transfer the money within the next two weeks after your class to:

    Alternative Bank Schweiz
    IBAN ch17 0839 0030 1120 1000 0
    Catherine Lippuner
    Via Cumünela 50
    7522 La Punt-Chamues-ch

    Kontonummer: 301.120.100-00
    Bankclearing: 8390
    Swift Code: ABSOCH22

  • the rest is for you.