Day Yoga Business Branding

with River Davis

September 8 // 10am – 6pm // Yoga Tribe K6, Nordstrasse 175


Sustainable Branding Series 

We teach community leadership how to effectively manage long term community growth through brand sustainability. Our intensive series dives deep into the theoretical and practical applications involved in circular community growth through sustainable branding. This community leadership series is great for Yoga Professionals and Businesses that are looking to invest in leadership development! Topics covered include Identity representation, brand messaging, internal + external community communication practices, marketing infrastructure and execution, community offering development, circular growth strategies, and social media exposure. Our goal is to create a community of brand activists as a result of providing resources for continued personal growth and a streamlined internal and external communication process through community leadership. 

“Creating a global community of responsible companies.”

Schedule – Note: 1 Hour Each 

1. Sustainable Branding for Community Growth – Defining the elements of circular community growth through sustainable branding practices.

2. Community-first Brand Intentions – Align your mission towards your vision with the right goals and strategy to get there. 

3. The RC+QB+CE Models & True Success (Responsible Company + Quantum Business + Circular Economic Models) – Creating a circular community through all-star leadership the responsible way, with inclusion of subtle aspects and clearly aligned goals.

4. Aligning Leadership with Brand Identity – Utilize visual and non-visual identity systems to build ethos & foster community growth.

5. Creative Community Development Practices – Accomplishing goals through successful campaign strategy execution. 

6. Building Exposure through Brand Communication Practices & Content – Using Tactics to Improve exposure of community growth offerings and services to better serve the community and improve participation. 

7. Connecting Yoga & Business + Removing The Ego Self – Meditation Practices & Philosophical applications to modern business absent of ego. 

DATE: September 8 // 10am – 6pm
LOCATION: Yoga Tribe K6, Nordstrasse 175
PRICE: 175.– CHF // Paypal

Day Yoga Student Training

with River Davis

September 7 // 10am – 6pm // Yoga Tribe K6, Nordstrasse 175



We help yoga students advance their practice on and off the mat as a scientific and philosophic way of life. This Yoga Student Training workshop Series is great for the yoga student who wants to become a more confident yogi, gain a deeper understanding of yoga , and grow as a human being. Oftentimes this yoga student is already passionate about their practice and they are curious about taking yoga to the next level, both on and off the mat. You don’t have to take a yoga teacher training to become a confident and strong yogi!

Students can expect to improve all aspects of their yoga practice: Mental, physical, & spiritual. We focus on the fundamentals of asana alignment and anatomy as well as yoga philosophy and its scientific foundations. Students will learn how yoga can become more a way of life rather than a class one participates in. Students will leave the series feeling confident that they can apply what they learned in the outside world and on the mat.

DATE: September 7
TIME: 10AM - 6PM
LOCATION: Yoga Tribe K6, Nordstrasse 175
PRICE: 175.– CHF // Premayment by Paypal  

Schedule – Note: 1 Hour Each 

  1. Pranayama 

  2. Asana

  3. Philosophy

  4. Lunch (90min)

  5. Yoga Nidra 

  6. Asana

  7. Into the Om Meditation  

Into The Om - Community Meditation Workshop 

This community-based workshop series brings yoga practitioners together to share in the deepening practice of the Om mantra. As such, each workshop starts with a community hangout and discussion over tea. We will talk about the Om, the effects, and scientific findings related to Neuro programming and mantra repetition. This discussion is followed by a dark room series of group Om circles and a deep relaxing meditation.

DATE: Saturday September 7th 5PM - 6PM @ Yoga Tribe K6Yoga level: all level
Registration: e-mail 
PRICE: 30.– CHF // Prepayment - Paypal

Private Yoga Photo Shoot

with River Davis

September 2nd – 28th // 1 hour // Limited Availability

We help yoga professionals tell their story and connect with their audience through a premier set of photography services. River is an experienced yogi with industry-leading technical knowledge, skills, and abilities. His team is here to help clients realize their creative vision. Hire River's team to develop professional content for your personal yoga brand, business, or anything else!

Yoga Photography Flyer Yoga Tribe Zurich.jpg

Photography Package

One hour of shooting time

Unlimited postures

Unlimited outfit changes

One Location (the shooting will be outdoors (locations to be announced soon or in the Yoga Tribe K6 studio))

9-15 mastered images (of your selections)

Fast Google drive transfer

Client Homework

Create a pinterest mood board with yoga photos you love (try to stuck with 1 theme per hour booked)

Create an asana flow (or list) incorporating the specific asanas you want to be photographed doing

Price & Payment

RATION: Email to
PRICE: Total Investment $297 // Non-Refundable Deposit of $150 required at time of booking

Please use the form below to sign up for a photography slot. We will then get back to you with more details and the payment information.


About River & Portfolio

River is an international creative director + community builder, public speaker, traveling yoga educator, and yoga student. He has spent the last 11 years studying traditional yoga practices and the past 8 years helping businesses around the world develop brand based business models. River has been classically trained in India, at the 500RYT level and his agency ‘Breakthrough Creative’ has helped develop standout creative content campaigns for businesses across 12 countries helping build a global community of responsible companies. 

River is not your average “woo woo, everything is light.. la la la”, yogis, for many reasons but mainly his philosophical views on the nature of duality and that, “the experience of true light can only be attained through experiencing equivalent darkness.” His teachings are experiential and will put you face to face with the darkest point just before the dawn... and when it’s over, when you’ve made it through, that is when you will see the light in your own truth. #thedarkyogi