Reiki Restorative Magic Workshop

with Valentine

This workshop is for the healers, the givers, the people that crave solitude and rejuvenation on a deeper level. We will start with the use of essential oils, meditation, intentions, and journaling. Then we will use the blankets, blocks, and props as the ultimate restful supportive and dreamy yoga practice. As we slow ourselves right down, we allow space to create balance and equilibrium to our stress levels in our nervous system. As we Restore, Valentine will be giving lots of hands-on adjustments to relax you further into the bliss body with Reiki Energy healing as a bonus. Join Valentine at Yoga Tribe to revive and soften your soul. This workshop is two hours, prepare to get Zen! Valentine's approach to yoga and reiki is non-intimidating and stress-free, all are welcomed, even beginners can join. Restorative Yoga is accessible for all. You can bring a journal or any special crystals to practice with if you wish.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga – the most relaxing form of yoga, balances the nervous system, boosts immunity, promotes deep relaxation, a form of therapy for stress and anxiety, improves concentration, lowers blood pressure, quiets the mind, reduces tension, improves capacity for healing and wellness, heightens intuition.

Benefits of Reiki Healing – A non-invasive way of full body healing, promotes health and well-being, helps with pain management, encourages mental clarity, releases stress and tension from the body, relieves depression, reduces anxiety, aids relaxation, improves sleep, smoothes digestion, strengthens self esteem, heightens self awareness and intuition, offers support for substance abuse and trauma.

LOCATION: Yoga Tribe K3, Rüdigerstrasse 17
DATES & TIME: Sundays, 6-8pm, please check our schedule for the exact dates
LEVELS: All levels (Beginners Welcome)
PRICE: 50.– CHF / cash only (Hallo Yoga NOT valid)