Guerilla Yoga - guest teacher information

Here comes a little How-To guide on organizing a Guerilla Yoga event. Our Guerilla Yoga events take place twice a month during the summer. We try to hold the events outdoors when we can, however it is good to have a bad weather back up plan!

Here's a step by step plan on how to organize a Guerilla Yoga event:

0. Sign up for a session

Join the Guerilla Yoga Zurich Teachers group on Facebook and sign up for a session in the season schedule. This is a Facebook doc file, open the link and click in the top right hand corner to edit (this is not possible on the phone).


1. Find a friend and a location

To organize an event, first decide if you want to do it alone or with a co -teacher. Once you found your buddy, find a location and confirm the date and time. Start early as it might sometimes be a bit tricky to coordinate two agendas and make sure the place is available on that exact date and time.

2. Create Facebook event

Once you found a place, create a Facebook event on the Guerilla Yoga Zürich Facebook page. Please make sure this happens between 2 weeks before the event. You can reveal some information about the location, but pssst, keep it secret until one to three days before your event. Further, you can add something about you and the topic of your class. Please also add the following (you can copy-paste it or write it in your own words):

The class is donation based. All contributions will go to the Association Syrian Refugee Crisis. Make friends with them via this link.

  • No sign up needed but BRING YOUR OWN MAT.

  • The location will be revealed a few days before the event.

  • Class language (German, English or both?).

  • Any other information you consider important.

3. Share FB event and post hints

Share the event on FB, your website, invite friends etc. To attract more people, we started posting hints about the location every once and then.

4. Reveal location

Post the location one to three days before the event happens. Make sure you post this on the Guerilla Yoga Zürich Facebook page, the event page and all other paged you shared the event before. Contact Michelle to have it posted on the Instagram page.

5. Post signs

Make sure people find your location. You can print little signs, hang balloons or find any other way to make sure all the yogis get to the right spot.

6. Information about Guerilla Yoga

Besides your personal welcome before class, tell people a little about Guerilla Yoga and make sure you mention that the classes are donation based and that all the money collected is going directly Association Syrian Refugee Crisis. Have a donation box ready where people can put their money at the end of class and mention this again after class. Don't be shy to encourage people to give ;)

7. Take pictures & thank you

Make sure that you, or someone else, takes good pictures before, during and after the Guerilla Yoga session. It's a nice memory to share on the Facebook page after the event. After the event, write a little thank you note on the Guerilla Yoga Facebook page and don't forget to mention how much money was raised.

8. Send money to Syrian Refugee Crisis

After the event, please transfer all the money you raised to the following account:

Syrian Refugee Crisis
Omar Kassab und Jasser Kassab
Kontonummer: 61-973279-9
IBAN: CH57 0900 0000 6197 3279 9
Postfinance Zurich

Please include your name as well as the information that the money was raised during a Guerilla Yoga event.