Andy Lusti

If a person can be described as «solid as a rock», it is definitely Andy. His natural inner peace is contagious. But he also can do differently, as a look at his youth shows: «Higher, faster, better» was the maxim that always drove him to new athletic top performances and later also brought him further in the communications industry. At that time, the creative thinker found his balance in adrenaline sports or in the remote nature of his beloved mountains. Until he discovered with Yoga a new form to come back to calmness. Andy attended his first yoga teacher training course with the aim of learning more about the background and philosophy of yoga and deepening his own practice. This aroused his curiosity even more and further courses and styles were added. For Andy Yoga is not limited to any particular style or a certain direction. The certified Hatha Yoga Alliance RYT 500 and Yinyoga teacher always discovers new techniques and elements and integrates his pieces of gold (as he calls them) into his lessons. His lessons are characterized by his inner peace and much attentiveness. He responds to his students and helps them to learn and experience the poses in all depth. His meditative voice lets them forget the stressful everyday life and find their own center again. Andy is co-founder of Yogagold (www.yogagold.net) and has been giving classes in Zurich for 3 years. At Yoga Tribe he teaches «Happy Yoga» - a mixture of Hatha, Flow and Yin Yoga, spiced with a pinch of laughter yoga.

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More about Andy and his courses at www.yogagold.net

Alina Steigerwald

Für mich ist Yoga mehr als nur das Praktizieren der Asanas. Yoga ist Mediation in Bewegung – ein wundervoller Ausgleich für Körper und Seele und der ideale Weg zu deinem inneren Selbst. 2005 begann ich mit Iyengar Yoga, einem Yoga mit therapeutischem Ansatz und sehr striktem Alignment. Während meines Veterinärmedizinstudiums in München begleiteten mich dann neue Yogarichtungen wie Jivamukti und Bikram Yoga. Schliesslich entdeckte ich Ashtanga. Ashtanga verbindet fliessende und kraftvolle Bewegungen in einer ganz besonderen Art und Weise mit Meditation. Ich durfte ein zweieinhalbjähriges Intensivtraining bei der wunderbaren Andrea Panzer, Authorized Teacher Level II, absolvieren und habe dabei nicht nur sehr viel über den richtigen Einsatz der Bandhas und damit die Lenkung der Energie und Atmung bei der Praxis gelernt, sondern durfte auch das Alltägliche im Leben eines Yogi erfahren.


For me Yoga isn't just practicing Asanas. It is moving meditation – a wonderful balance for your body and soul and a way to your inner self. In 2005 I started with Iyengar Yoga, a style with a therapeutic approach and really strict alignment. During my veterinary medicine studies in Munich I practiced other styles like Jivamukti and Bikram Yoga – until I discovered Ashtanga. Ashtanga combines fluent and powerful movements with mediation in a very special way. I was allowed to do a 2.5 years intensive training with Andrea Panzer, Authorized Teacher Level II. I Not only did I learn a lot about the use of Bandhas and the guidance of energy and breath during the practice, but was also introduced to the daily life of a yogi.

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Barbara Brünner

Barbara ist im magischen Indien für längere Zeit, tief in die Welt des Yogas, dessen Lehren und Praktiken eingetaucht und hat in den Himalayas und im Trivandrum unterrichtet. Als 300 Stunden diplomierte Yoga Alliance RYS Lehrerin gibt sie kraftvollen Hatha Yoga Unterricht mit der Intensität von Vinyasa und Ashtanga (gelehrt von Sachidananda) und der Präzisierung von B.K.S Iyengar (interessant bezüglich Alignment und im anatomischen Aspekt). Zudem unterrichtet sie Pranayama (von B.N.S Iyengar zertifiziert), Meditation und führt Reiki Healings durch (Reiki 1 und 2 absolviert). Sie legt Wert darauf, dem Schüler die ganzheitliche Bedeutung des Yoga näherzubringen. Die tiefere Wirkung der Asanas vermittelt sie durch Instruktionen für eine korrekte Haltung, Adjustments und theoretischen sowie philosophischen Ansätzen. Ihr Unterricht ist geprägt von Humor, Dynamik und Herzlichkeit. Philosophie, Kunst und Musik waren schon immer Inspirationen für sie. Früher übte sie Kunstturnen aus und während sie seit mehreren Jahren Yoga praktiziert, ist sie später mit dem Buddhismus und der Meditation in Berührung gekommen, was ihr Leben prägte. Barbara unterrichtet, weil sie tiefgründige Erfahrungen mit diesen kostbaren Lehren macht und sie diese weitergeben möchte.


Barbara has been immersed in magical India for a longer period of time. She dived deeply into the world of yoga, its teachings and practices and has taught in the Himalayas and Trivandrum. As a 300 hour certified Yoga Alliance RYS teacher, she gives powerful Hatha Yoga classes with the intensity of Vinyasa and Ashtanga (taught by Sachidananda) and the precision of B.K.S Iyengar (interesting in alignment and anatomical aspect). She also teaches Pranayama (certified by B.N.S Iyengar), meditation and does Reiki Healings (Reiki 1 & 2 completed). She places value on bringing the holistic meaning of yoga closer to her students. Barbara transmits the deeper effect of asanas through instructions for correct posture, adjustments and uses theoretical as well as philosophical approaches. Humour, dynamism and cordiality are the main characteristics of her teachings. She always has been inspired by philosophy, art and music. She used to practice artistical gymnastics and while practicing yoga for several years came into contact with Buddhism and meditation, which altered her life. Barbara teaches because she’s making profound experiences with these precious teachings and wants to pass them on.

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Camilla Mariéthoz

Camilla is a lawyer by day and a yogi at heart. She discovered the practice of asana as a teen and quickly grew curious to learn more. Early 2015, she decided to pack her bags and fly to Mexico to deepen her knowledge of yoga and train as a teacher with Golden Buddha Yoga Mama Cailin Callahan. She has been continuously studying ever since, taking trainings namely in vinyasa flow, therapeutic krama, restorative and yin yoga. 

In her classes, Camilla thrives to offer safe, supportive, creative and intelligent sequences that will leave your body feel healthy & strong. Her fun yet deeply rooting classes are always accompanied by great music, going from the Beatles to Max Richter, making her classes a real mind/body experience. She leads her classes from the heart in English, German or French.

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Catherine Lippuner

Catherine ist zertifizierte Yoga Alliance RYT 500-Lehrerin und Gründerin von Yoga Tribe. Sie praktiziert seit 2000, unterrichtet seit 2011 und führt seit 2013 regelmässig Retreats im In- und Ausland durch. In ihren Stunden legt sie besonderen Wert auf sicheres Praktizieren, korrekte Ausführung sowie die Vermittlung eines ganzheitlichen Yogastils. Ihr Unterricht basiert auf langjähriger Erfahrung in Yoga, Shiatsu und integrativer Körperpsychotherapie und kann am ehesten als Verbindung von Hatha und Flow beschrieben werden. Ihre Stunden sind voller Herzlichkeit, Lebensfreude und geprägt von tiefem Verständnis und grosser Wertschätzung der Einzigartigkeit eines jeden Menschen.


Catherine is a certified Yoga Alliance RYT 500 teacher and founder of Yoga Tribe Studio. She has been practicing yoga since 2000, teaching since 2011 and running yoga retreats in Switzerland and abroad since 2013. In her classes, she puts a lot of emphasis on safe practice, correct alignment and teaching a holistic style of yoga. Her teaching style is based on her long lasting experience in yoga, shiatsu and integrative body psychotherapy and can best be described as a connection between Hatha and Flow. Her classes are full of warmth and joie de vivre and marked by a deep understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness of each person.

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Corinne Dietiker

I discovered yoga over six years ago by accident, literally. I then had the opportunity to explore different yoga styles with teachers around the world, as I worked in international community development in Africa, Asia, and Europe. I eventually certified as a yoga and mindfulness teacher (95hrs Yoga and Mindfulness for Children and Adolescents with YogaBeez in the UK and 500hrs Hatha and Ashtanga with World Peace Yoga School in India). Today, I combine various styles to teach people ranging in age from 3 to 82, in several languages, to many cultural groups in different places, including on a sailboat, in studios, schools and at refugee camps. I love to adapt my sessions to needs of my fellow yogis and the unique moment. My goal is to teach a mindful and empowering yoga practice including ideas on how to integrate a little peace, love, lightness, and wellbeing in daily life. As it is your life journey, though, it is important to me that you decide where you wish to travel.


Vor mehr als sechs Jahren habe ich zu Yoga gefunden, weil ich mit einem Meniskusriss nicht mehr joggen konnte. Während ich in der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit in Afrika, Asien und Europa arbeitete, hatte ich dann die Gelegenheit, verschiedene Yoga-Stile und Lehrer auf der ganzen Welt kennenzulernen. Schliesslich wurde ich selbst Yoga und Achtsamkeit Lehrerin (95 Stunden Yoga und Achtsamkeit für Kinder und Teenager mit YogaBeez in Großbritannien und 500 Stunden Hatha und Ashtanga mit World Peace Yoga School in Indien).  Heute verknüpfe ich verschiedene Stile und unterrichte Menschen im Alter von 3 bis 82 Jahren, in mehreren Sprachen, aus verschiedenen kulturellen Hintergründen und an den unterschiedlichsten Orten: auf einem Segelboot, in Studios, Schulen oder auch in Flüchtlingslagern in Griechenland. Mein Ziel ist es, meine Lektionen den Bedürfnissen meiner Mit-Yogis und dem einzigartigen Moment anzupassen. Ich binde gerne Achtsamkeit sowie Ideen mit ein, die Frieden, Liebe, Leichtigkeit und Wohlbefinden im täglichen Leben fördern. Da es aber deine Lebensreise ist, ist es mir wichtig, dass du entscheidest wohin deine Reise geht.

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Deddou Burkhard

Deddou is an experienced, Zürich based yoga teacher and founder of POP UP YOGA. She teaches yoga, meditation and mindfulness to individuals in private set ups, but also group classes, corporate seminars and online classes and is the main teacher for the 250h Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Zürich. 

Back in 2008 her life took a new direction as she found the path of yoga. First in South Africa and later in India, New York and Australia she began to explore yoga in combination with movement & dance. As a former dance teacher she was intrigued by the creative exploration that the practice of yoga offered her. Soon thereafter she discovered the connection between the outer flow and the inner dance of consciousness. Thus began her precious, life-long exploration of re-discovery, re-learning and re-thinking. Yoga offered her the necessary tools to examine her life, beliefs, her relationships to others and Self and gave her a fresh outlook to move forward. 

"I love to fuse dynamic and dance inspired Yoga Flow elements with fundamental principles of therapeutic Vinyasa Krama to create an uplifting experience for a broad spectrum of yoga students."

Today Deddou’s students love her for her passionate and creative approach to yoga and her ability to explain complex yoga philosophy or energetic alignment in simple and highly accessible terms. Her yoga style is a graceful fusion of dynamic Vinyasa Flow elements sprinkled with therapeutic yoga poses and alignment-cues to not only lift body and spirit, but also bring meaning and grace into her student’s personal yoga practice. One of the hopes Deddou has is to inspire her students to re-discover their own creativity. 

“There are forgotten treasures hidden in all of us. My hope is to inspire you to start digging. Digging for the gold, for the forgotten gems. Digging through past traumas & heartaches, letting them heal and the inner walls soften. There is no greater gift than fully living your potential, being you; simply, truly, fully you. Raw, vulnerable but strong and radiant.”

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Diana Alvarez-Marin

Diana is an architectural researcher and yogini living in Zurich and learning around the globe. After years of studentship at Pure Yoga Singapore, Diana completed over 700 hours of teacher training in Hong Kong (Yoga Alliance Certified), under the guidance of Rinat Pearlman and Patrick Creelman, founder of Pure Yoga and pillar in the yoga community throughout Asia. She teaches a strong practice focused on skillful alignment, intelligent action and steady breath, allowing students to access and build upon their own strength & intelligence.

Her approach to yoga combines the yoga tradition from the east and the west. It involves a blending of the Iyengar School, Anusara School, and Vinyasa Yoga. The Iyengar School provides a methodology of precise anatomical and physical alignments and instructions, as well as the profound understanding and application of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. The Anusara School provides the application of Tantric philosophy and principles of alignment. The vinyasa practice incorporates heat and flow into a dynamic approach to yoga.

She has continued her education with a training in Yin Yoga at Pure Yoga Singapore and several workshops with international yoga teachers such as Kino Macgregor, Noah Maze, Chris Chaves, David Regelin, Dylan Werner, Patrick Beach and Carling Harps.

Her practice finds inspiration in everyday life, in as much as in art, design, literature and philosophy. Diana’s classes are taught in English, always with humour and a tad of badass.

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Dhyanse is the founder of Meditation Easy App, author of the book ’10 Bulls of Meditation’ and has 10000+ hours of silent meditation experience.

In his contemporary approach to mindfulness & meditation, he offers yogic tools, meditation techniques and transformative lifestyle designs to integrate silence, bliss and live an expanded consciousness in daily life. He brings the core essence of ancient Indian wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra, Zen into his approach, without following any particular belief system.

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Eleonora Hertenstein

"You cant stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf“

Lange vor dem Yoga Trend hab ich habe über den Tanz zum Yoga gefunden. 2008 hab ich die fundierte 4 jährige Ausbildung zur Yoga Lehrerin und Eidg.dipl. Ausbildnerin an der Yoga Universität in Villeret abgeschlossen (1800 hr). Seitdem bilde ich mich laufend weiter und bin Mitglied des Schweizer Yoga Verbandes. Ich bin mit MyYoga Hauptberuflich Yoga Lehrerin und Thai Yoga Practioner. Seit 13 Jahren unterrichte ich mit viel Freude Yoga in Zürich. Ich unterrichte Privat Yoga, Corporate Yoga, und leite zahlreiche Retreats im In und Ausland. Zudem bin ich Mutter von zwei Kindern. Den Yoga Flow, den ich unterrichte, ist fliessend, kraftvoll, kreativ und atembewusst. MyYoga ist eine Mischung aus dynamischen Vinyasa, statischem Hatha Yoga und energetischem Kundalini Yoga. Didaktisch passe ich den Flow den Bedürfnissen der Teilnehmer an. Ich liebe es, wenn jede Yogastunde inspirierend und gleichzeitig herausfordernd wirkt. In meinen Yoga Stunden erlebst du ein effizientes Körpertraining. Ich lege grossen Wert auf die Stärkung der Rumpf- und Kern- Muskelatur. Stabilität und Flexibilität werden im gleichen Mass gefördert.


Long before the yoga trend I found my way to yoga during my education in contemporary dance in zurich. 2005 startet a 4 years yoga training as a yoga teacher and Swiss certified yoga instructor at the Yoga University in Villeret (1800 hr). Since then, I have been continuously training myself. I am a fulltime yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Practioner. I foundet MyYoga 13 years Ago and since then I am teaching Yoga with lots of Joy. I teach private yoga, corporate yoga, and lead many retreats abroad. I am also a mother of two children. The yoga flow I teach is fluid, powerful, creative and breath conscious. MyYoga is a mixture of dynamic vinyasa, static hatha yoga and energetic kundalini yoga. Didactically I adapt the flow to the needs of the participants. I love it when every yoga class is both inspiring, uplifting and challenging. In my yoga classes you experience an efficient physical workout. I attach great importance to strengthening the trunk and core muscles. Stability and flexibility are promoted to the same extent.


Elodie Caucigh

Elodie spent many years in the advertising business before stepping on the other side to teach yoga full time and launch her own business. This was a big milestone for her, once and for all committed to help her students feel better and healthier in their business life but also in everyday life situations. For that, she uses effective tips and methods inspired from her yoga and mindfulness practices in her classes and coaching sessions. The focus of her teaching is simple, making it accessible to everyone (even the non-yogis and non-flexible), giving easy tools that can be implemented as such in real life and in this way, encouraging each person to use their own resources to become a more balanced, resilient and positive version of themselves.

Elodie is a certified Yoga Alliance RYT 200 teacher and founder of REAL LIFE YOGA. Digging deeper into the benefits of yoga for stress management and burnout, she followed a Yoga Therapy Intensive with Mark Stephens at AIR YOGA Zurich and is completing a 50h further training in Yoga Nidra at Sanapurna.


Gosia "Guka" Pitú

I am Gosia, although my friends and most of the people I know call me Guka. My personal yoga path started when all other sport classes at university were booked out, that’s how I landed in my very first hatha class. I liked the way my mindset was transforming throughout the flow. That’s what I love in yoga by now, you’re learning life while practicing on or off the mat: you fight your fears, you’re overexcited when you finally reach a certain asana that seemed impossible a month before, you have many moments of weakness, but you keep on trying ... I moved from Poland to Switzerland a few years ago. Last year, I graduated from POP UP YOGA 250 hr Teacher Training. Since then, I’ve been teaching in Zurich, but I’m also enjoying the cooperation with the Modern Art Gallery Studio BWA in Poland, where I co-run series of events combining pleasant Vinyasa flows & love dj sets surrounded by art pieces. While becoming a Yoga Tribe member, I’m very happy to meet you on the yoga mat! Namaste

Laura 076.jpg

Laura Lepola

Lauras classes are designed around creating awareness of the multidimensional connection of the body with the mind while moving through asana. She holds space for exploration and reaching through the surface to enter deeper layers both anatomically and energetically, while keeping it light hearted and fun. Laura encourages her students to show up on the mat in the present moment and creating their own practice by offering modifications for all levels. 

Laura completed her 200hr RYT Teacher Training in 2017 at Danyasa Eco Resort, Costa Rica where she studied the principles of Hatha with Cat Kabira, Kirk Angelo Baker, Amber Hagberg and Sofia Thom. Since then she has enriched her experience working with the body on structural and energetical level by completing Thai Yoga Massage Course with Mironel De Wilde,  Cat Kabira's Connection: Level 2 Biodynamic Energetics School and Yin Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 60 hrs) with Tanja Seehofer. Her teaching is also influenced by her work with fascia through her own continuous pilates practice.

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Laura Scheerer

Laura hat im 2017 das POP UP YOGA 250h Teacher Training abgeschlossen. 2012, nach einem Rückenunfall probierte sie das erste Mal Yoga aus und war begeistert, dass Yoga nicht nur einen gesunden Körper ergibt, sondern in stressigen Zeiten auch einen Rückhalt bietet. Seither begleitet Yoga sie ‘on and off the mat’ und sie vertieft kontinuierlich ihre eigene Asana-Praxis im In- und Ausland.

‘Yoga gibt mir einen sicheren Ort, um Ruhe sowie zu mir selbst zu finden und fordert mich jedes Mal aufs Neue heraus.’

Im Unterricht ist es ihr wichtig, eine ganzheitliche und sichere Asana-Praxis zu vermitteln. Dabei gestaltet sie ihre Stunden spielerisch und kreativ, wobei ihr fliessende Übergange von einer zur nächsten Asana wichtig sind. Elemente aus ihrer langjährigen Tanz- und künstlerischen Praxis fliessen in ihre Vinyasa flows, untermalt mit Musik. Sie offeriert dir einen sicheren Ort, um dich zu entspannen, deinen eigenen Rhythmus zu finden und um dich selbst besser kennen zu lernen. Ihre Begeisterung für Yoga möchte sie mit dir teilen und dich ermuntern, deine eigene Routine zu entwickeln. Laura unterrichtet in Deutsch und Englisch.


Laura completed in 2017 her POP UP YOGA 250hr Teacher Training. In 2012, after a back accident she tried yoga and discovered that yoga will bring her not just a healty body, but as well as a break from busy life. Since then, yoga accompanied her 'on and off the mat' and she pursues her studies inland and abroad.

‘Yoga gives me a save space to find peace, to get to know me better and it continuously challenges me.’

In her teaching, Laura focuses on alignment of poses and a wholistic approach. Her classes are influenced by her dancing experience and her artistic orientation – a continuing vinyasa flow, underlined with music, is important to her. She offers you a save space to unclench and develop your stile, allowing you to share her positivity and enthusiasm about yoga. She teaches her classes in German and English.

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Lilian Aus der Au

Für mich ist Yoga Freiheit und Grenzerfahrung. Die Freiheit, meinen Impulsen nachzugehen und gleichzeitig die aktuellen Grenzen des eigenen Körpers zu erfahren und zu respektieren. Somit ist Yoga für mich auch Ankommen im eigenen Körper. Seit über 10 Jahren praktiziere ich Yoga und kombiniere dabei gerne Stile – ich absolvierte meine Ausbildung im klassischen Hatha Yoga (RYT 200h, Shivananda) und bilde mich nun in Vinyasa Yoga weiter. Als Körperpsychotherapeutin ist mir das Zusammenspiel von Körper, Gefühlen und Gedanken besonders wichtig, weshalb ich in meinen Stunden diese drei Aspekte integriere. 


For me Yoga is freedom and limitation at the same time. The freedom to go with my impulses while respecting the current limits of one's own body. Therefore, Yoga is being at home in my own body. For over 10 years, I have practiced Yoga and I like combining different Yoga styles – I completed my training in classical Hatha Yoga (RYT 200h, Shivananda Hatha Yoga) and I am continuing my training in Vinyasa Yoga. As a body psychotherapist, the interaction of body, feelings and thoughts is particularly important to me, which is why I integrate these three aspects in my classes. 

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Lisa Lange

Sport und Medizin waren schon immer meine Leidenschaft. So habe ich mich entschlossen, beides miteinander zu verbinden und Physiotherapie zu studieren. 2006 habe ich in Deutschland darin mein Diplom erhalten. Während meiner langjährigen Arbeit als Therapeutin wurde mir immer mehr bewusst, wie wichtig es ist, den Menschen mit seinen physischen, mentalen, emotionalen und spirituellen Bedürfnissen als Ganzes zu sehen.

Yoga vereint all dies für mich. So habe ich 2015 meine Ausbildung in Vinyasa Yoga (RYT 200) mit Banyan Gallagher während einer traumhaften sechsmonatigen Auszeit in Costa Rica absolviert und Erfahrungen im Schamanismus in Nicaragua gesammelt. Während dieser Zeit wurde mir noch bewusster, wie wichtig ein ausgeglichener Lifestyle für das persönliche Glück ist. Zurück in der Schweiz habe ich mich in Workshops und Trainings mit Barbra Noh (Anusara Yoga), Young Ho Kim (Inside Flow AYA 50) & (Yoga Personal Trainer AYA 50), Matt Giordano und Dylan Werner intensiv weiterbilden und inspirieren lassen. Im Moment befinde ich mich in der AYA 300 Weiterbildung mit Inside Yoga in Frankfurt.


Sports and medicine have always been my passion. To combine both I decided to study physiotherapy and received my diploma 2006 in Germany. While working as a therapist I got more and more aware of how important it is to see a person with all their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

For me yoga includes all of this. So I completed my Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200) with Banyan Gallagher in 2015 while living in Costa Rica for a 6 month time out. Taking part in a permaculture project in Nicaragua, I also gained experiences in Shamanism. During this amazing time abroad, living an easy and simple life, teaching yoga and surfing the beautiful ocean I realised even more how important it is to live a balanced lifestyle to gain health and happiness. Back in Switzerland, I continued my yoga education by attending workshops and trainings with Barbra Noh (Anusara Yoga), Young Ho Kim (Inside Flow AYA 50) & (Yoga Personal Trainer AYA 50), Matt Giordano and Dylan Werner. Deeply inspired by all these wonderful teachers, I am glad to give this knowledge further to you. At the moment I am attending the AYA 300 training with Inside Yoga in Frankfurt.


Luca Gallmann

Luca was born and raised in Zurich, where, thanks to his grandparents, he came in contact with Yoga, Buddhism, and generally mysticism from all over the world, from a very early age on. After being caught by the ups & downs of being a teenager in a big city and suffering from his first big heartbreak, he decided to change his lifestyle and follow the footsteps of his dead grandfather who spent many years living in an Ashram somewhere in India.

So for the last years Luca travelled the world and learned different types of Yoga & Bodywork from many amazing teachers. In the beginning of 2017 he finished his 500RYT TTC with Yogacharya Srinatha B. & Shashi Kumar in Mysore, India. Afterwards he came back to his hometown and started sharing the gifts he learned and manifested while travelling. Of course he continues his studies by visiting many workshops with different teachers. At the moment he dedicates himself to the practice of australian Yogi and Physiologist „Simon Borg-Olivier“ and to the spiritual teachings of Non-Dualism by sages like „Sri Ramana Maharshi“.

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Ludwig Pillhofer

Yoga, Atem- und Körpertherapie sind schon lange meine konstanten Begleiter. Inspiriert von meiner ersten Indienreise,  begann ich anschliessend die Körpertherapieausbildung nach der Grinberg Methode. 2008 absolvierte ich in Indien meine Yogalehrerausbildung im Sivananda Ashram. 2010 begann ich mit der Atemtherapieausbildung am IKP- Institut in Zürich, welche ich 2013 abgeschlossen habe.

Hatha Yoga und Pranayama sind die Basis meiner Yogastunden, um den Körper zu kräftigen und das Energieniveau zu heben. Yin Yoga, Meditation und Elemente der westlichen Atem – Körperarbeit, lasse ich in die Yogastunden mit einfließen, um zum Abschluss der Stunden eine tiefgehende Entspannung zu erreichen.

Der Atem ist mir in jeder Yogastunde besonders wichtig, weil im Atem eine ganz besondere Kraft liegt, die uns hilft in jedem Moment achtsam zu sein und uns mit unseren verborgenen Schätzen in Verbindung bringt.

Yoga unterrichte ich seit 10 Jahren in Zürich und seit einem Jahr auch in Einsiedeln. Atem und Körpertherapie biete ich tagsüber im Yoga Tribe Studio K3 an der Rüdigerstrasse, sowie in eigener Praxis in Einsiedeln (45 Minuten von Zürich) an. Ich freue mich, Dich kennen zu lernen! Namaste

Sag hallo ludwig.pillhofer@gmx.ch
Mehr Info und von Ludwig: www.körper-atem-therapie.ch oder www.erlebnis-koerper.ch


Mabel Luz

Seit 2005 bin ich von Yoga begeistert. Meine erste Yoga Ausbildung war 2009 in Bali. Danach habe ich 2015 das Teachertraining bei Rae Indigo absolviert (RYT 250 ®Yoga Alliance). 2016 habe ich in Berlin die Aerial Yoga Ausbildung erfolgreich abgeschlossen und 2017 bei Pop Up Yoga in Zürich, die Vinyasa Flow Ausbildung besucht. Regelmässig besuche ich selber Yogastunden, Workshops und bilde mich stetig weiter. Während Surf-Reisen in Mittel- und Nordamerika habe ich 2009 SUP Yoga kennen gelernt. Sofort war ich total angefixt. Yoga auf dem Wasser musste unbedingt auch in der Schweiz möglich werden. Im Sommer 2012 habe ich alle benötigten SRLG SEE Module gemacht und SUP Yoga Zürich gegründet. Die erste SUP Yoga Schule der Schweiz.

Mein Yoga Unterricht basiert auf Vinyasa Krama Yoga Therapie. Der Fokus liegt darauf, den Körper zu heilen, in Balance zu bringen und den Geist zu beruhigen, davon ausgehend, dass wir alle eine enorme Kapazität zur Selbstheilung haben. Ich habe gelernt, den Körper in Energielinien wahrzunehmen und zu entdecken, ob diese entweder gesund oder blockiert, unterbrochen, komprimiert oder aus einem anderen Grund nicht voll funktionsfähig sind. Die Asanas werden gebraucht, um die Energie wieder zum Fliessen zu bringen. 

Mein Aerial Yoga Stil kombiniert klassische Yoga-Elemente mit Figuren aus der Luftakrobatik. Dabei hilft uns die Schwerkraft, genau die richtige Dosierung aus Kraft, Flexibilität, Leichtigkeit und Entspannung zu finden. Eine Spezialität im Aerial Yoga sind die sogenannten „Umkehrhaltungen“, bei denen der Körper «verkehrt» herum hängt und alle Organe aus ihrer gewohnten Lage befreit werden. Dabei lösen sich so manche Blockaden und alte Verspannungen und man fühlt sich ganz und gar «umgekrempelt».

Yogalehrerin – Yoga Alliance RYT – Vinyasana Flow – SUP Yoga & Aerial Yoga
Ob Asanas, Pranayama oder Meditation.
Ob auf der Matte, im Wasser oder in der Luft.
Ich kann mir ein Leben ohne Yoga nicht mehr vorstellen.
Mit sehr viel Freude und Energie gebe ich mein Wissen weiter.
Good Vibes only! Mabel

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Marlene Albrecht

Movement was always very important for Marlene. As a young girl, Marlene tried many different sports and dance styles, always looking for new challenges and something which fits into her busy life. Later on, working part-time as an accountant and being a part-time professional curler, she realized that she needed something which brings her mind and body back into balance. Shortly after, she took her first yoga class in a gym. It didn’t take her long to get fascinated and interested about learning more.  She was interested in not only the physical excercise, but more-so the mental side of it and how it changed her view of difficult life situations. In summer 2014 Marlene completed her Yoga Teacher Training at the Hawaii Yoga Institute. Since then she has been constantly trying to broaden her knowledge and has attended workshops from various different teachers such as Adam Husler, Patrick Beach, and Thomas Arta just to name a few.  In January 2015 Marlene started teaching her Yoga Flow on a regular basis at POP UP YOGA. She enjoys exploring her creative expression through her yoga practice and loves to share her passion.

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Michaela Diamanti

I teach from my heart. 

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Michelle Grant

I teach yoga because I am passionate about sharing the practices that have helped me so profoundly. I have experienced first-hand how yoga can support us to create the mental, physical and emotional space to get perspective on life, live in line with our purpose and find inner strength and contentment. I discovered yoga over 15 years ago while studying at university in Australia and since then it has been a constant support during my professional life. I did my first teacher training (200hr) in Bali in 2011 with the intention of deepening my own practice and in the process discovered a love for teaching, which I have been doing ever since. In 2017, I completed my advanced teacher training (500hr) with my teachers Vidya Heisel and Jennilee Toner from Frog Lotus Yoga and feel honored to be able to share this knowledge. Until very recently, I ran a food systems research and education center at a university and I continue to be passionate about learning and sharing the latest knowledge on food, sustainability and wellbeing through my own projects.

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Miriam Ropschitz

Miriam was introduced to Hatha Yoga as a teenager. She felt finally at home in this space of inner-enquiry and dedicated the next 14 years of her life to studying yogic philosophy and practices. Her studies took her to India and the jungles of southern Thailand for many years where she immersed herself in silent meditation retreat, teaching and daily practice. Inspired by her teachers, she shares yoga as an invitation to become intimate with all facets of existence – both the light and the dark. She is passionate about honouring the ancient system of yoga by teaching it in its fullness (to the best of her ability), rooting the physical practices in the context of yogic philosophy for integration into daily life. In recent years her interests turned to the ways woman and her powerful body is sidelined by some yogic practices and lineages created by and for men. As well as mixed classes in Zurich she specialises in workshops and retreats for women with her community space, Yoga Moon. 


Nadja Crivelli

Yoga war für mich Liebe auf den ersten Blick. 2014 besuchte ich meinen ersten Kurs und seither beschäftige ich mich täglich mit dem Thema Yoga und persönliche Weiterentwicklung. Auf meinem Yogaweg habe ich schon diverse Retreats in Indien und Europa besucht. Ich bin stets bemüht, mich immer wieder neu inspirieren zu lassen. 2017 beschloss ich ganz tief in die Yogapraxis einzutauchen und startete mit der vierjährigen Yogalehrerausbildung bei Lotos Yoga. Diese Ausbildung ist von Yoga Schweiz und den Krankenkassen anerkannt. Im Yoga verbinde ich die körperlichen, geistigen und seelischen Aspekte, um in einen harmonischen Einklang mit sich selbst zu kommen. Ein wichtiger Bestandteil meines Unterrichts ist Energielenkung und Atmung. Die Asanapraxis schliesse ich deshalb mit einem Pranayama (Atemübung) und Meditation ab. 

Ich bin sehr naturverbunden. Neben dem Unterrichten von Yoga, leite ich selbstständig eine Naturspielgruppe. Diese findet das ganze Jahr draussen statt. Wir befassen uns intensiv mit der Natur, ihren Begebenheiten und Zyklen. Die Arbeit mit Kindern liegt mir sehr am Herzen und ist eine persönliche Bereicherung für mich.

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Nina Isabel

Yoga crossed my path for the first time in 2012 – ever since then my heart has been drawn to a life where you discover and live by your own pure essence – day by day.

In 2015 I completed my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (RYT 200) in New York. Currently I am dedicated to the Advanced Teacher Training (+300hrs) at AIRYOGA Zürich with Stephen Thomas.

I also offer One.on.One's. which allow you to have a session focusing on your specific needs, such as dealing with an injury or understanding specific asanas. If you’re new to yoga, One.on.One’s are a great way to build a good foundation. I am also a certified Prenatal Yogateacher (Golden Bridge Yoga, Los Angeles with Gurmukh).

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Reka Deak

“Be open to change yourself. Change is the only constant in your life”

Reka is committed to focus on mental and physical well being at work and in everyday life. As a consultant in change management and leadership development she is committed to use yogic mindset and techniques that can be embraced by people not familiar with yoga. She also co-founded My Mindful Of Yoga, where she organizes retreats and workshops for "busy people" to recharge and learn practices that can be used in everyday life.

Reka`s vinyasa yoga classes are inspired by ashtanga yoga. She combines intense breathing with a playful immersion into a wide range of asanas and a deep relaxation at the end of the classes. She leads you through the experience of whatever you learn on the yoga mat, is reflected in your life off the yoga mat as well.

Sarah Mai

After attending my first yoga class in 2004, my initial curiosity for yoga developed into a real passion. I was fascinated by the deep union of precise bodywork and spirituality. Yoga has guided me through many challenging phases in life, helping me to find my grounding and boosting my self-confidence.
I completed my Yoga Teacher Trainings (Yoga Alliance) at AIRYOGA in Zurich: In 2012 a 200-hour Vinyasa Flow Training and in 2015 a 300-hour Advanced Hatha Yoga Training with Stephen Thomas. I continue to deepen my knowledge in workshops with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Rachel Zinman, Marc Holzmann, Yogeswari, Mark Stephens, and others. Last year I  attended the teacher module ‚Chakra’ at the Swiss Yoga Studium‘ with Johannes Glarner, deepening my knowledge about the subtle and energetic work with the chakras. Furthermore I assist my teacher Stephen Thomas at the 200-hour Teacher Trainings in AIRYOGA where we share our love and knowledge with all these new wonderful new yoga teachers.
I emphasize practicing mindfully and listening to the body's intuitive feedback. In my classes I always refer back to an awareness of the breath. Yoga shall not merely ground and strengthen us, but support us to find a peaceful path to our inner essence. I share my philosophical understanding of yoga with my students,  inviting them to lead their awareness from the mind into the space of the heart and to reside in that space.
I teach my classes in German and English.

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Stephanie Engeli

Stephanie completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200 RYT) with Akasha Yoga Academy in 2017. Her style is rooted in traditional Hatha Yoga and enriched with her years of experience in contemporary and urban dance.

Stephanie’s intention is to offer her students a safe space to play, grow and expand.  She is a firm believer that we all already are everything we’re looking for. In her classes, she challenges her students to meet themselves with an open heart and empty mind, opening up to their infinite possibilities and light. In her asana practice she pays attention to details and emphasizes on correct alignment, cultivating strengthening and soft movement. Her classes are taught in German and English.

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Susen Gehle

Susen discovered yoga in a playful way. At the tender age of five she started meditating and doing physical exercises, taught by her godfather - without knowing that it actually was yoga. In her childhood and youth she stuck to her practice and continued to develop it further. Numerous trainings from yoga and mediation to yoga therapy and from Reiki to NLP- and systemic coaching quenched her thirst for knowledge and answers. Her childlike curiosity and energy have remained with Susen to this day and she is always looking for new styles, techniques and philosophies. She passionately likes to combine these pieces of gold (as she calls them) to create unique yoga classes, meditations and coaching concepts. She sees yoga not only as physical exercise, but as a way to get more to yourself - in a world in which being yourself and conscious, is becoming more and more important. Her classes are marked by creativity and an extraordinary depth. With her inner strength and her wonderfully soothing voice, she makes each lesson a unique experience, rounded off by her warmth and positive affirmations. Susen is Sivananda Yoga Archarya (800h/ RYS 500), Vinyasa Flow (250h), Laughter (100h), and Yin Yoga Teacher (50h), Yoga Therapist (still in training), Meditation Teacher and Coach. She is Co-founder of Yogagold (www.yogagold.net ) and has been giving classes and workshops in Zurich for 3 years. At Yoga Tribe she teaches «Happy Yoga» - a mixture of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yin, with a pinch of laughter yoga.

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Tanya Rongkavilit

Tanya is an Ashtanga yoga practitioner. She has been a full time Yoga instructor since 2013 and a Barre instructor since 2016. Yoga has been her main form of exercise since her teen years. Before her Yoga life she was working with Unilever Asia as a Brand Manager for the region. She decided to take a different turn in her career and found that being able to share her love and passion for yoga was the path she wanted to be on. Tanya teaches Vinyasa flow classes with an Ashtanga feel, focusing on building strength and stamina while working on flexibility at the same time. As she grew with her practice she has added Barre and Yin Yoga as her complimentary form of physical exercise to balance her body and mind. She is certified to teach Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Barre. Her classes are light hearted and fun, she believes that Yoga should be a practice that lifts you up both physically and mentally, both during and after class.

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Tim Patey

I have always been engaged with movement, mindfulness, and flow. It keeps me grounded in a changing world. I share this experience in my practice, where I support loving kindness towards yourself, presence, and mindful flow.

I'm a lifelong student & teacher of meditation, yoga, and science. I first encountered yoga & meditation by chance on a trip to India many years ago and later completed a 200h YTT with Poonam Stetcher Sharma. 

I'm thankful to my early influences Mark Wuest and Paul Dallaghan for creating transformative experiences which happened to be yoga. Their approach of ease and simplicity makes yoga accessible to all, and is a lesson I seek to repeat. My practice is also informed by the vinyasa flow & sequencing knowledge of Anne Laure-Eberhardt, and the conscious movement of dance guide Johanna Köb, both of whom continue to enrich my teaching today.

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Valentine Giambattista

Born in Toronto, Canada and brought up in a fairyland by mermaids & unicorns. My name is Valentine Giambattista and I founded YogiMovieStar in 2015.

I have been certified and practising Yoga since 2010. The foundation of my practice combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. By integrating body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness, I strive to promote an understanding of the connection of all these aspects in your personal health and wellbeing.

It all started when studying Acting for film and television at College, during theatre preparation I would practice yoga and breathing. I started to feel that my yoga practice became more essential to my quality of life and so I enrolled in my first teacher training program at George Brown College in Toronto, specialising in Hatha and Flow yoga. After completing my training I became even more inspired and wanted to study more, so I went on to complete an 80-hour Restorative Teacher Training at Yoga Space in Toronto.

My first official teaching started at Yyoga, one of Canada's most renowned Yoga Studios, here I was able to put in practice all my training and continue to learn more by teaching others this new passion of mine. Yyoga allowed me to expand my knowledge into Hot and Yin yoga where I completed training in both and assisted an 80 hour Yin Yoga training.

Passionate about Yin and Restorative Yoga I moved across the pond to Edinburgh, Scotland to teach all my learnings of yoga at Tribe Yoga. Having moved to the U.K. I completed a Kids & Teens 70-hour teacher training in Glasgow and an 80-hour Yoga Nidra Foundations teacher training in London.

Taking forward my learning and experience I assisted opening a Yoga studio space called Rock a Barre Pop Up in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was an exciting little venture in a beautiful new space. As of lately, I was back home in Canada teaching Reiki courses and focusing my energy on my speciality workshops such as Reiki Restorative, Anti Ageing Yin with Aromatherapy, Yoga and Astrology and Magical Moon Yoga. I am currently also offering Horoscope Birth Chart readings online and in person. I have just moved over to Switzerland to share my yoga, reiki and astrology magic with you! I hope to meet you on the mat soon. You can find me at Yoga Tribe teaching a Thursday evening class and offering unique workshops, reiki courses, horoscope birth chart readings and private sessions in Switzerland. 

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Xenia Barbey

Mich zu bewegen und meine Freude daran sowie mein Wissen darüber weiterzuvermitteln ist meine Passion. Ich bin seit sechs Jahren selbständig und in folgenden Bereichen tätig: Bewegungstherapie, Yoga, Pilates, Schwangerschaftsyoga, Rückbildungspilates, Personaltraining und Jugendsport, Retreats und Workshops im In- und Ausland. Momentan bilde ich mich zur Berufsmasseurin weiter und bin fasziniert von den zusammenhängenden Funktionen unseres Körpers.

Nach der dreijährigen Ausbildung zur Bewegungstherapeutin in Zürich folgte eine Tanzausbildung in NYC. Zu dieser Zeit lernte ich auch Yoga kennen und liess mich, zurück in Zürich, bei Christina Waltner (Planetyoga) zur Yogalehrerin ausbilden. Seither gehört Yoga zu meinem Alltag. Ich bin immer wieder begeistert vom Einklang dieser Philosophie mit der Praxis. Ich unterrichte Yin-Yang-Klassen, Yin Yoga und einen dynamisch-kräftigenden Flow. Mein Unterrichtsstil ist ein Wechselspiel zwischen fliessend-dynamischen und statisch-haltenden Asanas. Ich mag es, Gegensätze einzubauen, um Körper und Geist in Balance zu bringen. Ich unterrichte Kleinklassen, da mir Präzision und taktile Korrektur am Herzen liegen. Mein Wunsch ist es, die Menschen zu inspirieren und ihnen neue Impulse mitzugeben.

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