Mindful Sunday

with Reka & Dhyanse


A yoga mat is all what it takes to bring harmony, stillness, inner peace and equanimity. Let Reka & Dhyanse guide you into authentic yogic experiences of body, mind and more.

Reka begins with 60 minutes of yoga asana sequence to prepare your body and mind. Dhyanse takes you further into deep relaxation, introspection and inner journey with theme introduction (15 min), guided meditation / silent sitting (30 min) and Q&A (15 min).

The yoga sequence is a vinyasa flow with intense breathing and a playful immersion into a wide range of asanas.

Meditation themes include: Breath, Silence, Love, Laughter, Death, Witnessing, Concentration, Self-enquiry, Monkey mind and more...

Drop-in sessions with a unique theme every Sunday to experience the essence of Yoga and Meditation. Let your Yin and Yan go on a ride with Reka & Dhyanse.


Yoga Levels: all yoga levels welcome, drop-in sessions
Dates in 2018 can be found here
Time: Sundays from 6-8pm
Location: K3, Rüdigerstrasse 17, Zürich
Price: 40 CHF / cash (Hallo Yoga valid)