Healing Touch

with Catherine Lippuner

Healing Touch

This class is a two hours immersion in the healing power of human touch. Trough a loving-kindness meditation at the beginning, you learn to connect your heart and your hands. You will be then led through a guided massage - once as a giver and once as a receiver. We finish the session with a nourishing Savasana and a sharing circle.

During the Healing Touch session, you learn to meditate, connect to your heart and lovingly touch and give a nourishing massage to someone. You also get to know the meridian system used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Shiatsu therapy. Practised regularly, Healing Touch can help to reduce stress-related symptoms, strengthen your immune system and increase your well-being.

Each Sunday Bliss session will have a specific topic related to the five elements of the TCM (the same meridians Yin Yoga uses). For more information, please have a look at her website.

About Catherine

Catherine is a certified body-oriented psychotherapy coach, Yoga teacher and Shiatsu practitioner with more than 10 years of practice and teaching experience. You can find out more about Catherine and her work on her website www.catherinelippuner.com.


LOCATION: Yoga Tribe K3, Rüdigerstrasse 17

DATES & TIME: Sundays, 6-8pm, please check our schedule for the exact dates

LEVELS: You don’t need any experience in massage, all you need is a curious mind and willingness to connect with another human being. You can come alone, with a friend, your lover or your parent/child. For the massage, you will lie on yoga mats with your cloth on.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring comfortable clean cloth (several layers as you might cool down when receiving a massage) and clean socks (if you're cold easily bring woollen socks)

REGISTRATION: Healing Touch sessions are taking place with a minimum of four participants. Since places are limited to 12 participants, please register by sending an email to catherine@yoga-tribe.ch. No drop-in.

PRICE: 40CHF / pre-payment (max. 2 Hallo Yoga per session, please sign-up via catherine@yoga-tribe.ch)