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In our studio, we provide quality yoga mats and props. Hallo Yoga welcome!


Join Laura as she guides you through an inspired Embodied Flow yoga class. Cultivate an inner body experience as you shift and transform your energy. Linking breath with purposeful movement to create a meditative flow, allowing you to experience all the elements of your body with ease and stability whilst building heat and power. Each week a new theme is weaved into the class, drawing from philosophy and life!

Open Level Class. Drop-in. Price.

18:15 - 19:30

Hatha Flow // Michaela




Xenia's Yoga ist geprägt von sowohl dynamisch-fliessenden als auch statisch-haltenden Asanas. Mit Einflüssen von Pranayama und Meditation halten wir unseren Körper und Geist in Balance.

Open Level Class. Drop-in. Price.

20:00 - 21:30

Yoga Flow // Xenia


Catherine legt besonderen Wert auf sicheres Praktizieren, korrekte Ausrichtung sowie die Vermittlung eines ganzheitlichen Yogastils. Ihr Unterricht basiert auf langjähriger Erfahrung in Yoga, Shiatsu und integrativer Körperpsychotherapie und kann am ehesten als Verbindung zwischen Hatha und Flow beschrieben werden. Ihre Stunden sind geprägt von Herzlichkeit, Lebensfreude und einem tiefen Verständnis sowie grosser Wertschätzung der Einzigartigkeit eines jeden Menschen. Catherine ist zertifizierte Yoga Alliance RYT 500-Lehrerin, praktiziert seit 2000 und unterrichtet seit 2011 Yoga.

Die Hatha Flow-Stunden führen dich sanft durch aufeinander abgestimmte Asana-Sequenzen. Du hast immer genügend Zeit, um eine korrekte Haltung einzunehmen und die Positionen wirken zu lassen, bleibst aber gleichzeitig im Fluss und mit deiner Atmung verbunden. Pranayama- und Meditationstechniken runden die Stunde ab.


In her classes, Catherine puts a lot of emphasis on safe practice, correct alignment and teaching a holistic style of yoga. Her teaching style is based on her long lasting experience in yoga, shiatsu and integrative body psychotherapy and can best be described as a connection between Hatha and Flow. Her classes are full of warmth, joie de vivre and marked by a deep understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness of each person. Catherine is a certified Yoga Alliance RYT 500 teacher, she has been practicing since 2000 and teaching since 2011.

In this Hatha Flow class, you will be gently guided through coordinated Asana sequences. The slow pace of the flow allows for correct alignment but at the same time you remain in the flow and connected with your breathing. Pranayama and meditation techniques complete the lesson.

Open Level Class (Yoga Grundkenntnisse sind von Vorteil / Yoga basic knowledge is an advantage). Drop-in. Price.

18:15 - 19:30

Hatha Flow // Catherine



Vinyasa-Ashtanga flow
Vinyasa-Ashtanga flow class has that great classic Vinyasa flow but made juicier with the Ashtanga twist. A great flow, guided by the breath, that focuses on strength and stamina while working on flexibility at the same time.


Yin yoga (Every last Tuesday of the month)
Yin Yoga is a complementary yoga practice to the more dynamic and active yoga styles. In Yin Yoga, floor postures are held passively for several minutes in order to access a safe and positive ‘stress’ on the deeper layers of connective tissue in the body. It restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints. It also stimulates, strengthens and revives tissues of the body that are not emphasised as much in active Yoga styles. It is important for these connective tissues, especially those that compose our joints, to be safely stressed to avoid injuries and maintain their usability. Energetically, the practice opens the body’s meridian system, which enhances the body’s energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium. Yin Yoga can help promote harmony and balance both to the physical body and the mind space.

Open Level Class. Drop-in. Price.

19:45 - 21:00

Vinyasa-Ashtanga Flow // Tanya

Please note:
Yin Yoga 19:45 – 21:15
August 28
September 25
October 30


I teach and practice a vinyasa flow style of yoga, linking movement with breath in a fluid yet unhurried manner. I enjoy teaching in a way that is creative and fun while being purposeful, safe and alignment based. My classes usually include breath work, thorough warm ups and cool downs and creative standing and seated sequences, all with detailed cueing and background information so that you can grow your own practice. I like to weave together the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga in a way that is accessible and relevant for anyone trying to live their best life in our hectic modern world. My intention is to hold a space where you can find joy inside you and leave feeling strong and inspired. And hopefully take that feeling off the mat and back into your life!

Open Level Class. Drop-in. Price.

18:30 - 19:45

Vinyasa Flow // Michelle



In everyone of us there is a spark of something bigger than what we think we are. If we want to let it grow all we need to do is to look inside and realize that this spark is not just a part of us, it is basically a part of everything. So I, as a teacher, see it as my duty, to help you go back to this spark which is your true nature and to disidentify with old and unhealthy patterns which block you from reaching your true potential.

In my classes it is important for me to give you tools, which will help you not to create more thought or movement patterns. Instead I want to show you how to use your body & mind in a more free way and how to express yourself through the present moment... I will not tell you what to do with your body or mind, I will give you techniques how to use both in a way that feels sustainable and brings you more freedom. Which then will automatically lead to an overall more enjoyable experience of your everday life!

Open Level Class. Drop-in. Price.

20:00 - 21.30

Movement & Meditation // Luca


Having a healthy back is extremely important in order to support your daily functioning. When your spine is aligned and your muscles are relaxed, the release of tensions comes naturally. This class will include the set of asanas and relaxation methods, which together with fluid breathe will support and strengthen your back.

Open Level Class. Drop-in. Price.

18:30 - 19:45

Healthy Back // Guka

Please note:
August 16, Yoga at Klopstockwiese Park (at the Waffenplatzstrasse stop of Tram 5,13,7) & BYOM


Are you a Reiki practitioner and looking to practice your skills more? Are you curious about Reiki Energy healing but not sure? Join Valentine in her weekly Reiki & Yoga class where you will practice Yoga and receive Reiki healing treatments during the class (you will also learn more about Reiki energy healing and it benefits!). This class is 1 hour and 15 minutes. We will set intentions, tune in with fairy cards and glorious organic essential oils. This nourishing combo of Yoga Practice & Reiki Healing with leave you floating on a cloud... 

All levels Reiki/yoga practitioners & non-reiki practitioners welcome. Beginners Welcome. 

Open Level Class. Drop-in. Price.

20:00 - 21:15

Reiki & Yoga // Valentine


In our Moon Yoga classes we connect an earthy and deep Hatha yoga practice with the cycles of the moon to create the life you dream of. Learn how to use the different energies of the moon to set new intentions, manifest them, and to let go of what’s no longer serving you. Expect an inspirational and revitalizing class, leaving you ready for the weekend.

Moon Yoga course 2018: 6 July – 31 August 2018

Join us for 9 weeks of Moon Yoga to truly learn how to integrate the energies of the moon into your life and yoga practice.

Includes classes and booklet on the moon phases with practical guidance.

Open Level Class. Drop-in. Price.

17:45 - 19:00

Moon Yoga // Dominique & Stephanie

17 – Stephanie
24 – Stephanie
31 – Stephanie und Dominique

A yoga mat is all what it takes to bring harmony, stillness, inner peace and equanimity. Let Reka & Dhyanse guide you into authentic yogic experiences of body, mind and more.

Reka begins with 60 minutes of yoga asana sequence to prepare your body and mind. Dhyanse takes you further into deep relaxation, introspection and inner journey with theme introduction (15 min), guided meditation / silent sitting (30 min) and Q&A (15 min).

The yoga sequence is a vinyasa flow with intense breathing and a playful immersion into a wide range of asanas.

Meditation themes include: Breath, Silence, Love, Laughter, Death, Witnessing, Concentration, Self-enquiry, Monkey mind and more...

Drop-in sessions with a unique theme every Sunday to experience the essence of Yoga and Meditation. Let your Yin and Yan go on a ride with Reka & Dhyanse.

Open Level Class. Drop-in. Price.

Sonntag // Sunday

18:00 - 20:00

Mindful Sunday // Reka & Dhyanse

Classes are taking place on the following dates:
Sep 2
Oct 7
Nov 4
Dec 9